Against Stacked Odds

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Have you ever heard the tale told of when someone can persevere amidst massive amounts of doubt? It goes a bit like this… Somewhere on one of the main roads in Pageland, SC. lived a perfect family in a perfect home 🏡

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Bubby Jo & The Palisade

I suppose this could be taken a multitude of avenues. One of those perspective / perception things. Bubby Jo was done with the pharmacists when they told her they were out of her prescription blood clot medicine, most likely for her husband or son as she regarded the prescription to be for “Him”. Upon hearing […]

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This one is for you, Lenny.

There’s a country song I play whenever I want to cry about my daddy issues. Toby Keith – Red White & Blue. Omg does it hit my heart something awful. I literally cry uncontrollably. I guess cuz I imagine my dad having that kind of pride and respect. The Dad I’ll never know. The Dad […]

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& then this happened. . .

Found this little girl at the store by my new house. She’s an incredible puppy. Smart as a button and knows how to communicate with humans. I finally got her into my car, which took a $2.00 slim jim and cheese stick – and brought her home, she was timid and a bit scared to […]

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Clean Face | Fresh Slate

How many times are we faced with conflict, and in a split second, we are faced with adversity and forced to make a split decision — A decision that holds enough weight that a persons life could be on the life. Somewhere. Somehow. Someplace. What if in the moment we answered that decision…We accidentally provided […]

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Forgive your parents. Forgive any relationship that did not work out. Forgive anyone else in your life who has hurt you in any way. Forgive Yourself. Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could be any different. Forgiveness is accepting that something HAS happened to you, not accepting that it was OK to […]

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  So what did I do lately that has empowered me to make the “jump” and start “The Tyler Show”? I MOVED TO ANOTHER STATE! Haha. I did,. I packed everything up into a storage unit, sold my truck, got a 4 cylinder car, and drove my happy ass to another state, and I couldn’t […]

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