Credentialing, Contracting, Payer Enrollment
CE & License Management Services for Mental Health Providers
Provider Credentialing
- & -
Data Management
Our provider credentialing & data management service powers every task necessary to quickly and efficiently onboard, prepare, and monitor your providers to safely care for patients.
• Keep all your credentialing information in one place.
• Experienced to navigate through the process of Medicare and Medicaid provider enrollment, Commercial Insurance Provider Enrollment, and other healthcare provider credentialing needs.
• Reports keep you up to date on the progress of your credentialing
• You & your staff can focus on more important patient matters than dealing with enrollment paperwork
• Application & document collection services
• Application completion
• Data entry of paper applications
• Ongoing monitoring services
• Background checks
• Application mailing 
• New Provider Enrollment
• Documents including: Incident Reporting, Safety Data Sheets, Docs & Policies, Safety Plans, and more.
• Complete Credentialing Care including:  
Primary source verification, provider data & document management to privileging and payer enrollment, credentialing is a mountain of manual paperwork and spreadsheets.

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